Our Elite Performance Program is Ready

Sustained Elite Performance year after year. Now sized to fit your training budget!

New clients want to know three things:

What is this process really going to cost, no surprises?

Is this covered by insurance?

How can I work this all into my training budget?

After helping 1,000+ Athletes and Peak Performers gain and sustain their performance edge, we have some pretty clear answers:

What is this really going to cost, no surprises?

On average, the majority of clients who reach and sustain their personal peak invest the following in tests, coaching, personalized protocols and supplementation:

Year 1: US $9,994

Year 2+: US $4,992

We do see exceptions in three areas:

  • A client’s results point to something that we agree is important to pursue with further testing;
  • A case is complex or rare, and requires significantly higher investment in research, consultation and coaching;
  • A client needs multiple supplements over an extended time to recover from a chronic issue.

For these exceptions, the Elite Performance Program offers members preferred rates for coaching, supplements and labs.

Is this covered by insurance?

We do not process insurance claims. We bill you directly, you pay us, then you manage any claims process with your provider.

HSA: Many of our clients use their Health Spending Account (HSA) card to pay for our products and services. Check your policy to see what is covered.

Insurance Plans: To-date, some insurance plans might cover the blood tests we specify, but what they do cover often has copays and/or deductibles, and requires a visit to a cooperative doctor with a list of lab codes (which we are happy to provide), and then to a lab. You then need to get the results and forward them to us.

Bring Your Own Labs: We FULLY support client-provided lab results. Send in the labs you already have. We can usually work with them, if they are recent enough, and include all the tests we would requisition in our comprehensive blood chemistry. Keep in mind that the labs we receive from our clients often overlook key tests that can make the difference in discerning what is really going on.

In the end, the majority of our clients weigh the hassle, lost time and incremental difference in cost, then choose to order direct from us. You get exactly the tests we need to dial in your personal protocol. We send you the requisition and you go to the lab. Results are available online. That’s it.

ICD and CPT codes: We don’t offer diagnostic (ICD) codes because insurers require an in-person visit with the prescribing physician. If you are willing to work with your insurance company, once the purchase is made, we can correlate your payment with procedure codes (CPT) for you to submit for reimbursement.

Rethinking Coverage: This is a longer-term strategy. Some of our clients have re-envisioned what they expect of conventional health insurance. They choose a provider and policy with a higher deductible and lower premiums, focused on providing coverage for acute and major health issues. They then take the money they save on premiums and fund their own ‘out-of-network’ health and wellness program.


In the longer term, they also tend to save on supplements, as our testing helps identify which supplements will provide maximum benefit. Our bias is to the minimum necessary supplementation to achieve peak performance and health.

Here’s what one of our clients reported:

I was worried at first because insurance doesn't necessarily cover this. But at the end of the day, it might end up being the biggest bargain I've ever spent on healthcare. If I look at insurance, I look at my deductibles going up and up, it’s not like it’s any cheaper, and I certainly can’t get results like this from the system I already have.

How can I work this into my training budget?

Some people purchase services à la carte and pay in lump sums, but many are looking for a more consistent and hassle-free way to budget the expense over time.

Members in the Elite Performance Program get one invoice at the start of their year, make a startup payment in month one, and pay the balance in 11 equal monthly payments.

The basic shape of the program is:


Collect blood, urine and stool

Interpret and learn

Know with certainty what’s going on inside your body

Protocol and sprint

Execute a plan to correct the problems you’ve found


Compare to baseline


Year 1 (active recovery)

Baseline Test

Follow-up Tests

  • The following are examples of tests we regularly use to investigate areas of concern as indicated by your history, blood testing and the output of our machine learning algorithms
  • Additional blood (Quest)
  • Urinary hormones (DUTCH)
  • Urinary organic acids (OAT)
  • Stool parasitology (Doctor's Data, GI-MAP™)
  • Blood metals (Quicksilver)
  • Blood immunology (Cyrex)

Follow-up Tests

  • Your practitioner will order tests to confirm the efficacy of Individualized Health Plan (2 to 6 months later)
  • In the unlikely event you reach the allotted budget of $4,082, all additional testing at cost


  • Consultation as indicated by Individualized Health Plan
  • Interpretation and Teaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Performance Psychology Coaching (2 hours)
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching and Programming (2 hours)
  • 4 Health Sprints (each approx 2-week duration with consult)
  • Access to our team of experts and other members via our online forum
  • Annual Review and Goal-Setting for Year 2+
  • Additional client-requested consultation @ 25% discount


  • All supplements indicated in Individualized Health Plan are included under the EPP program, including Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite A.M. P.M. - 1-year supply
  • In the unlikely event you reach the allotted budget of $2,300, all additional supplements at cost
$ 2,844 Month 1
$ 650 Months 2-12
$ 9,994 Program Cost

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